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Struggling Tin Pan Alley songwriter and secondary character in the hit musical, June Moon, which premiered on Broadway on October 9, 1929. He thinks his song "Hello Tokio" was stolen, and is trying to get the Goebel-Hart music publishing company to buy his new song, "Give Our Child A Name."

BENNY- Wait-you want to hear a great song? You know who I am, don't you? I'm Benny Fox, the hit writer. I write words and music both. I'm like Berlin, only more pathetic. Now I gotta new one. It's about a couple that have a baby without benefit to a clergyman, and you can dance to it. (He plays it.)

"Should a father's carnal sins

Blight the life of babykins?

All I ask is give our child a name-I mean a last name.

I don't ask to share your life,

Live with you as man and wife;

All I ask is give our child a name-not just a first name."

The play was adapted into a 1931 film (also titled June Moon), and remade in 1937 as Blonde Trouble.

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