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Aspiring songwriter and pianist from Chicago who traveled to New York City to make it in Tin Pan Alley, in the 1921 epistolary short story "Some Like Them Cold," by Ring Lardner, first published in the October 1, 1921 issue of The Saturday Evening Post. He teams up with lyricist Paul Sears, and ends up engaged to Sears' sister, Betsy. He has to take an orchestra job to make ends meet.

I will copy down the lyric of the chorus so you can see what it is like and get the idea of the song though of course you can’t tell much about it unless you hear it played and sang. The title of the song is When They’re Like You and here is the chorus:

"Some like them hot, some like them cold.

Some like them when they’re not too darn old.

Some like them fat, some like them lean.

Some like them only at sweet sixteen.

Some like them dark, some like them light.

Some like them in the park, late at night.

Some like them fickle, some like them true,

But the time I like them is when they’re like you."

Later Lardner collaborated with George S. Kaufman to adapt the story into the hit musical, June Moon, which premiered on Broadway on October 9, 1929. However, there the character had been renamed to Fred Stevens.

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