Willie Butternut

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Talented teen trumpeter who appeared in the "Blowhard's Big Fight" short story in teen comic book series Ozzie and Babs #8 (January 1949). He's a rival to high school clarinetist Blowhard McDuff in a statewide music competition. Butternut is compared to real swing trumpeter Harry James.

Butternut may or may not be aware of a plot by his fellow Middleton high schoolers to take McDuff out of the competition. Middleton high wrestler Bonecrusher Smoot plans to praise McDuff, then shake his hand and crush it, so he can't play in the competition. If McDuff won't shake, Smoot will act insulted and punch him instead. McDuff gets wind of the plan and tries to thwart it with a joy buzzer, but gets in a fist fight with Smoot anyway. McDuff wins the fight, but his hands swell up and he can't play... or can he?!

McDuff narrowly wins the competition by playing with his toes, because showmanship counts!

The short, text-only story was written by R.R. Symes, a pseudonym for Rod Reed.

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