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Talented, but egotistical, but lucky, sixteen year-old clarinetist who appeared regularly in the teen comic book series Ozzie and Babs (December 1947 - Fall 1949). And one random appearance in Fawcett's Funny Animals #64, reprinted in Giant Comics #1 (Summer 1957). He appeared in short, text-only stories by R.R. Symes, a pseudonym for Rod Reed. McDuff always manages to fail up.


  • "Hot Prescription," #4 (September 1948)
  • "Hot Stuff," #5 (October 1948)
  • "Mr. Ghost Goes to Town," #6, (November 1948)
  • "Blowhard Goes Off the Cob," #7 (December 1948)
  • "Blowhard's Big Fight," #8 (January 1949)
  • "Blowhard Cracks a Safe-Cracker," #9 (February 1949)]
  • "Wacky Wedding," #10 (March 1949)
  • "Blowhard's Bus," #11 (April 1949)
  • "Blowhard's Wild Goose," #12 (Summer 1949)
  • "The Killer's Revenge," #13 (Fall 1949)
  • "Modern Pied Piper," in Fawcett's Funny Animals #64 (Fall 1949)

In "Hot Prescription," he has an audition with Dr. Serge T. Benson, music director of the International Broadcasting Network Chain. But at the hotel, he accidentally performs for wealthy swing/jazz-hater H.T.B. Cashmore, who smashes his clarinet. But McDuff gets paid off for his troubles with a thousand-dollar check by Cashmore's business manager.

The story "Hot Stuff" has his band, Hot Stuff With McDuff, playing on the same bill with Oakie Sherman and his orchestra.

In "Mr. Ghost Goes to Town," the combo's name has changed to McDuff's Hot Stuff, and mentions its drummer Rat-tat Miller and pianist Vinnie DiBello.

"Blowhard's Big Fight," features rival trumpeter Willie Butternut.

"Wacky Wedding" mentions an unnamed guitarist.

"Blowhard's Bus," mentions Moe Klinkers and His Orchestra, and gives the band's name as Blowhard McDuff and His Hot Stuff.

"Blowhard's Wild Goose" features his horn players, Kent and Sellers.

"The Killer's Revenge" features friendly rival clarinetist Buddy Smith.

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