Moe Klinkers and His Orchestra

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Touring, somewhat successful swing band mentioned in the *"Blowhard's Bus," short story in teen comic book series Ozzie and Babs #11 (April 1949). Their tour bus gives local teen swing wanna-be Blowhard McDuff the idea to get a band van.

The short, text-only story is by R.R. Symes, a pseudonym for Rod Reed.

The band's name is a joke on "more clinkers," a "clinker" being swing slang for playing a bad note.

"Yes but if you're..." Blowhard stopped in mid-sentence. He fixed his eye on a large bus that had stopped across the street. It was a new bus, handsome, shiny, resplendent in blue and white. And along the side was emblazoned in red letters, "Moe Klinkers and His Orchestra."

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