Eddie Hanor

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Eddie Hanor
This is poetic justice for doing blackface, really.

From the Doll Man story in issue #139 of comic book Feature Comics (September 1949). Doll Man nemesis The Minstrel can't resist messing with this guy, one of three finalists of the Soapseazee modern minstrel contest.

Eddie Hanor, "the blackface singer" (ugh), is the winner of the contest and the $50,000 in prize money. The Minstrel knocks him unconscious with his banjo while he's putting on his makeup and takes his place. On live television, he sings about how the audience is going to get robbed while his armed goons come out, but Doll Man thwarts him.

Eddie Hanor is a parody of real blackface singer/comedian Eddie Cantor, who was offered the role of The Jazz Singer, but turned it down.

The other finalists are Harry Hurl and Texas Slim.