The Slocum Brothers Band

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Rock band from the 1980 show biz novel The Boys in the Mail Room by Iris Rainer. Singer Neil Slocum gets tapped to headline a music TV show pilot, but dies after rehearsal, the idiot.

Agent after agent called him. "How 'bout Neil Slocum?" one agent asked.

"No," Stan said.

The Slocum Brothers Band. They were trouble. Drugs. Fast cars. A history of near-miss accidents in the Ferraris they bought with the money they got from their first hit albums. Neil Slocum, the eldest brother, was the current bad boy of rock 'n' roll. In and out of jail, doped out and then into rest homes for a few months and swearing in an interview in Rolling Stone that he was clean. No. Not Neil Slocum.

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