The Musical Whifflesnort

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Musical Whifflesnort Jingle Jangle Comics.png

Odd character and musician from "The Musical Whifflesnort and the Red-Hot Music Roll" story of Jingle Jangle Comics #23 (October 1946). He plays the "Whang-Doo," a long-necked, one-string guitar. King Goofus's candy cook regularly brings the Wifflesnort the latest sheet music. A delivery of a music roll in Q sharp ("Polly Wolly Doodle") inspires the Wifflesnort to go play it for King Goofus. But he loses the music roll to a bandit, and his car runs out of gas. After some odd shenanigans, he gets the roll back, and gets to the king, but his Whang-Doo is busted and he can't play.

Written and drawn by George Carlson.

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