Terrific Toad

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Terrific Toad Jingle Jangle Comics.png

Jealous, unpleasant, egotistical singing frog from the Bingo and Glum story of funny animal comic book Jingle Jangle Comics #24 (December 1946). He's at a house party listening to singer Beeber, when his jealousy explodes and he interrupts Beeber so rudely it makes Beeber cry.

Jack and Jill's radio station later holds a singing contest/picnic attended by both Toad and Beeber. Bingo and Glum, sick of Toad's showing off, end up making Jack Frost sneeze resulting in Toad getting stuck in ice and having to be rescued by Beeber. Terrific Toad catches a cold and can't sing, so Beeber wins.

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