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Indie/college rock band enjoyed by cartoon character Strong Sad in the Homestar Runner cartoon universe. Their name is properly rendered upside down with a red "o": ʎɥsols

They first appeared in the "concert" cartoon (August 20, 2007); where they opened for Limozeen. It's mentioned they had been together for 5 or 6 years.

Sloshy Homestar Runner.png
Sloshy2 Homestar Runner.png


The "concert" cartoon shows their self-titled EP:

  • sloshy
    • "ok fine"
    • "unripe"
    • "art troll"

In the "Limozeen vs. Sloshy" cartoon the two bands cover each other's songs.

The "Record Store Day" cartoon (April 18, 2015) showed an extensive back discography:

  • "Girlfriend Haircut" single
  • "B-est of B-Sides" one-sided single
  • the worst fonts EP
  • instruments we don't play
  • B-sides
  • Whose Baby is This? (UK only)
  • the 'we need a lawyer' EP
  • Final Assault
  • All Tomorrow's Euro-Restrooms
  • Early Demos and Worse From Like, Forever Ago
  • because girl bassist, that's why
  • "Architecture Jerk" b/w "Helvetica Chump" single

In the "Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 17.2" cartoon (April 1, 2016), ʎɥsols member Mitch leaves a message on Marizpan's answering machine about their planned split 7-inch with her band Cool Tapes. He sings "Phonin' It In."

They are on Coolier Than Thou Records.


  • Mitch Stockton, lead vocalist and guitarist
  • Clark Cross-Country, bassist and backing vocalist
  • Dan DiMinilliditto, drummer

The "Record Store Day" montage seems to show some other band members, including a female bassist on because girl bassist, that's why. In 2018, they added guitarists Doug Tarndner and Mark D.

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