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Shock rock band from a record review in the Rolling Stone parody "Rock 'N' Rollin' Stone" feature of tween satire mag Crazy #3 (March 1974). They're into severing chicken heads.

Their album is Voodoo Kisser on Loa Manhattan Records.


  • Suffa Meeh, lead vocals
  • Johanna Kelso, bass
  • Lars Fengen, drums


  • "Severed Chicken Heads"
  • "Mambo In My Closet"
  • "Silver Dolls and Golden Needles"
  • "Snake Worship"
  • "Zombie Love"
  • "Fire-Walk"
  • "Ghost of the Chicken"


When I see a bloody beak,

I think of cosmic rain

And the entrails of Gawd


In his almighty pain,

(© 1973, SoG Music.)

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