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Dope-oriented comedians Cheech and Chong throw together this band in their 1978 comedy film Up In Smoke. They appear in a battle of the bands against real L.A. punkers The Dils, The Whores, and The Berlin Brats at real L.A. punk club The Roxy.

{{#ev:youtube|VJW67QN24SA}} In reality, C & C released the novelty song "Earache My Eye" by flamboyant "Alice Bowie" four years earlier on their Cheech and Chong's Wedding Album, where it hit #9 on the U.S. charts. Apparently, he also had a song called "I'm A Man," according to Bob Greene's 1974 account of his tour with the real Alice Cooper, Billion Dollar Baby.


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In the March 1974 issue of satire mag Crazy, writer Steve Gerber seems to have borrowed the Alice Bowie name for a record review in a Rolling Stone parody. His Alice Bowie has just released the album Antares Probe.

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