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In the "Amazon Hot Wax" episode (16 Feb. 1979) of TV series Wonder Woman, lovely, lust-after-able Lynda Carter, playing Wonder Woman, who is already disguised as Diana Prince, goes undercover as singer Kathy Meadows (ow! brain hurt!) to investigate a blackmailing at Phoenix Records. Lynda Carter had actually released an album, Portrait, several months previously and two of the songs were used as Kathy Meadows' demos: "Want To Get Beside You" and "Toto (Don't It Feel Like Paradise)." Label head Eric Landau (Curtis Credel) is being blackmailed by crooks who stole the valuable master tapes of presumed dead folkie Billy Dero. Turns out Dero's really still alive and that another Phoenix label act, Jeff and Barbi Gordon, swiped the tapes for the blackmailers in the first place. Oh, and Wonder Woman saves the day, duh.

The episode's title is a play on the 1978 movie title American Hot Wax.

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