Hamlin Rule

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From the "The Pied Piper" episode (first aired 21 November 1977) of tv superhero series Wonder Woman. Comedian Martin Mull plays this flute-playing rock star whose last three concert box office receipts have been heisted mid-concert by sonic-gun wielding thieves. It turns out Rule himself has brainwashed some female fans into doing it for him, you know, with his flute-playing?! Because you know how you get hypnotized by the sound of a flute, right?

Well, Elena Atkinson (The Brady Bunch's Eve Plumb) does, and since she's the daughter of IADC (Inter-Agency Defense Command) honcho Joe Atkinson (Normann Burton) and Diana Prince's boss, Diana (Lynda Carter) is sent to investigate. As Wonder Woman, she kicks the necessary asses needed to wrap up the plot and reunite Elena with her father.

The episode's writers David Ketchum & Tony DiMarco must have thought themselves clever; "Hamlin" or "Hamelin" is the town the Pied Piper story takes place in.

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