Hoo-Ha's Jamboree

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Also possibly Hoo-Ha and the Jamboree. Animatronic country band of anthropomorphic animals from the "Soos and the Real Girl" episode (September 22, 2014) of animated Disney television series of Gravity Falls. They play at the Hoo-Ha Owl's Pizzamatronic Jamboree restaurant; it's all a parody of the Showtime pizza restaurants and their animatronic band The Rock-A-Fire Explosion and Chuck E. Cheese.

Will E. Badger opens for them.

In the plot, hapless Soos buys a dating simulator game that turns out to be sentient and insanely jealous. The Japanese anime-style pixelated girlfriend ".GIFany" (voiced by Jessica DiCicco) tries to murder him when Soos takes a real girl out on a date at Hoo-Ha Owl's Pizzamatronic Jamboree. She takes over the band and sends them to kill. Soos defeats her by destroying her original CD-ROM. The band ends up getting destroyed in the fight.


  • Hoo-Ha the Owl, guitar, vocals
  • Big Beaver, guitar
  • unnamed beaver cheerleader, banjo
  • unnamed frog cowboy, bongos
  • unnamed rat in a barrel, unclear, sits on side of stage.

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