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Rock band from the 1980 show biz novel The Boys in the Mail Room by Iris Rainer. They're the first rock act to get signed to World Records, which had previously been all M.O.R. artists

Drummer Danny Kyle was previously in the band Flight.

Harley's friend Danny Kyle's group was third. It took them a while to set up, and the kids were getting restless and talking loud. The lead guitarist did a quick sound check.

"The group's called Heaven," Harley told Barry. "Dawson, the lead guitarist, writes the tunes."

Heaven's first song was well done. It was about how difficult it was to write gentle music in a world that was full of anger and killing. There were one or two places in the song where people in the audience yelled out "Yeah." And, at the end, the ovation was very enthusiastic.

"That's really good," Barry said. Harley nodded in agreement.

The second song was called "Where Do I Belong?" about coming to Los Angeles from New York and how different the life-style is. Barry laughed out loud at some of the lyrics. The melody was great, too. Heaven did two more numbers. They were as impressive as the first two. When the group finished playing,

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