Harley Ellis

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Rock star singer/songwriter from the 1980 show biz novel The Boys in the Mail Room by Iris Rainer.

His first hit is "The Rain is Like My Tears."

Harley had a five-year contract with Rainbow Records. He'd been discovered by Jim Garland, one of Rainbow's in-house producers, when Garland came to a Monday "hoot night" at the Troubadour. Garland liked the way Harley looked, and the way he sang and he thought the kid's music had great potential. So on Tuesday morning Garland hustled Harley over to Rainbow's offices and into a meeting with Bob Frank, the president of Rainbow Records, Nick Jonas, an executive vice-president of Rainbow Records and the head of artist relations, and Garland, that lasted so long the four of them had two meals brought in while they sat there talking. First they talked about Barley's music, and how his songs were better than the Lovin' Spoonful's, or Simon and Garfunkel's, and how the soft sound was really what was happening in rock, and even the Beatles had proven it with the Rubber Soul album.

He dies in a small plane crash later in the novel.

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