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Ellen Delaney

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Delaney Ellen All True Romance.png

Singer who married her accompanist in the "Blues" story of romance comic book All True Romance #14 (November 1953). Delaney tells the story in a flashback from five years ago, when they met in Chicago. Delaney tried out for Tony Kipp's band, where Roy Davis played piano.

She's not what Kipp is looking for, but Davis sees something in her, and convinces her to let him coach her. He quits Kipp's band and they get a contract at Nick Toretti's Albatross Club and get married. But then a talent scout wants Delaney for a Broadway musical and not Davis. They fight, and she leaves for the show alone but is fired after two weeks. She takes a job in a crummy Greenwich Village dive where the sleazy club manager tries to put the moves on her in exchange for extending her contract.

Roy magically appears, resparks their musical magic and love, beats up the sleazy club manager, and they go on to success.

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