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In the hour long 1987 HBO special The Return of Bruno, Bruce Willis rips off Spinal Tap with a fluffy mockumentary, that hmmm, coincided with the release of Bruce Willis' actual (crappy) album of the same name- coincidence?

Bruno careens recklessly from style to style, but is never popular because he's always a few years ahead of his time. Bruce does Spinal Tap one better and less funnier by cramming in cameo after cameo from actual, big names in rock. It's a shame only the crappier songs from the TV special are on the album as some of the period songs are much more entertaining than Willis' original lame-ass pop. But then so is a high colonic.

Bruno starts his career in Trenton, New Jersey with rock n roll band Bruno and the Bad Boys. When they sign circa 1965 to Technagraph records, the name may have been truncated to The Bad Boys:

  • Stanley Plewoski, keyboards
  • Herman "Slug" Fest, drums

At Woodstock, his band is Bruno and the Crayon Jungle.

He sings with the Temptations, jumpstarts disco, and KISS, who used to be called the Sergei Kazinsky Orchestra, until Bruno gave them the idea to wear makeup.

Bruno's Basement is him and four female bass players, imitating Robert Palmer's music video for "Addicted to Love." Two of them are Runaways members Vicki Blue and Cherry Currie!

Finally, Bruno's singing opera at the Met, before returning to rock and roll.