Your Favourite Martian

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In January 2011, Ray William Johnson launched a collaborative YouTube channel called Your Favourite Martian (YFM), which features animated music videos. The songs are performed by a virtual band of four fictional cartoon characters: PuffPuff Humbert (vocals, voiced by Johnson), DeeJay (turntables), Axel Chains (drums), and Benatar (vocals, guitar/keytar/bass/piano, voiced by Jesse Cale) which he created, Johnson wrote lyrics, raps, sings, composes beats, and sometimes collaborated with other musicians to produce the songs.

YFM has released 31 original songs, 2 remixes of original songs, 1 remix of another artist's song, 1 mashup, and 8 covers through the channel. As of March 2013, the channel has over 2.0 million subscribers, and over 482 million video views. In November 2012, Johnson announced that the YFM project "has been retired".