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Not-very-good former band of protagonist/guitarist Danny McQueen, from Louise Wener's 2002 novel, Goodnight Steve McQueen. Wener was a singer/songwriter in the real Britpop band Sleeper in the 1990s.

McQueen was in this band when he first met his girlfriend Alison. Later he's in the band Dakota.

"I was in the support band. We're called Yossarian."

"After the character in Catch-22?"

"Exactly. Did you see us?"

"No I must have got here too late. We went for a curry first."

This was good. A curry-eating, pint-swilling goddess who'd even managed to miss the worst gig Yossarian had ever done. What am I saying? Every gig was the worst gig Yossarian had ever done. We were awful. My Bloody Valentine meets Nirvana meets The Smiths. Or was that The Smurfs?

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