Vic Arpeggio

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Sax-playing private investigator who appeared in two extended skits—b&w film noir-ish detective movie parodies—on the sketch comedy TV series SCTV.

In "Vic Arpeggio Private Investigator" (first aired 11 Feb. 1983 but set in 1960), Vic explains how he got fired from real Pittsburgh band The Joe Negri Trio when someone planted reefer in his locker, which is especially bad when you consider that Joe Negri was a regular on Mister Roger's Neighborhood.

In "Vic Arpeggio Private Investigator: Black Like Vic" (first aired 13 March 1984), Vic goes undercover in blackface as a butler in the Deep South.

Joe Flaherty was Vic Hedges as Vic Arpeggio. The character is a parody of another musically surnamed fake musician/detective, Johnny Staccato.

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