Thurgood and the Stubb Tones

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From the first Fox, then WB "foamation" show The PJs episode "Cruising for a Bluesing" (Feb 18, 2001). With Thurgood Stubbs' (Eddie Murphy) wife looking after a sick aunt, Thurgood and his buddies take a boys night out trying to relive their youth back when they had this electric blues band. They pack up their instruments and head through darkest downtown to play Muddy Guy's Famous Barrelhouse Blues Club Amateur Night but it's been closed since 1996 when Muddy Guy got in trouble with the law.


  • Thurgood on guitar and vocals
  • Walter on guitar
  • Jimmy Ho (Michael Paul Chan) on drums
  • Emilio Sanchez (Pepe Serna) on harmonica
  • Smokey the crackhead (Shawn Michael Howard) as their roadie.

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