The Yokomichi Silvers

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A fictional band from the game Yakuza 0. They're a "hardcore hooligan" band that is apparently famous for "never saying a word and letting their music do the talking".

In the "Damned Yanki" sub-story, the band's vocalist, Krazy Kyo, accidentally bumps into Kazuma Kiryu, the game's protagonist. When Kiryu asks if he's alright, Kyo responds by throwing lackluster insults and making a half-hearted attempt to look tough. Kiryu later encounters a crowd waiting to see the Yokomichi Silvers perform, with Kyo peering over a corner, nervously. After discovering that Kiryu doesn't know who he is, Kyo drops the tough guy act and explains that his band is scheduled to do a live interview after their next show, but despite the Yokomichi Silvers' large following of wannabe punks and delinquents, all of the band members are "law-abiding choir boys" with no social skills.

Kiryu, like he usually does in these situations, offers to help teach them how to act tough. The player is given a choice of what advice Kiryu can give, with all but one option being "correct" and the others having humorous (but still successful) results. In the end, the band manages to maintain their "tough guy" reputation and give Kiryu a helpful item as thanks. After this sub-story is completed, Krazy Kyo can be hired as a security guard for Kiryu's real estate agency.

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