The Village Folk Ensemble

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From the movie A Mighty Wind (2003). A late 1950s folk quintet led by George Menschell (Paul Dooley). In 1960, it combined with The Klapper Family to form The Main Street Singers.

"One night in 1960, I'll never forget this, uh, we were at a hootenanny and we were jamming with the Klapper Family. And all of the sudden, I heard it. The sound that I'd been thinking about. It was just... The harmonics were amazing. I thought, well, there's five of us, there's four of them. It's a neuf-tet. And it was there, just in a moment, it was all there. The neuf-tet sound. Well, this thing clicked with the Klappers too, so we joined forces and we became The Main Street Singers."