The Velvet Vultures

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Never-seen New York band that's the "epitome of folk jazz" in the TV series Family Affair (1966-71).

Teenaged series regular Catherine “Cissy” Davis (Kathy Garver) is a big fan.

The band is mentioned in:

  • “Room with a Viewpoint,” 10/17/1966 (Cissy describes herself and Buffy as big fans and plans to put a photo of the band on her bulletin board)
  • “All Around the Town,” 1/16/1967 (Cissy and Freddie leave to see a show)
  • “The Prize,” 4/10/1967 (Cissy is writing them a fan letter)
  • “The Family Outing,” 3/11/1968 (Cissy mentions hearing them on the radio)
  • “The Baby Sitters,” 4/1/1968 (Danny [Dennis Olivieri] has hard-to-get tickets to their concert)

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