The Sacred Cows

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"Hottest rock and roll group in the country" from the "Groovy Guru" episode (01/13/1968)of TV spy spoof series Get Smart. This drummerless "rock" trio were part of the evil Groovy Guru's (Larry Storch) plot to cause the youth of America to run wild, looting and killing. Sample lyrics: "Thrill, thrill, thrill. Kill, kill, kill." Works for me!

The band was played by session musicians (l-r) Jerry Scheff (bass) John Greek (guitar) and Ben Benay (guitar) They both played the band and recorded the music. Jon Greek also recorded with real band The Beautiful Daze; played guitar on The Seeds' 45 "Wind Blows Your Hair;" and played on four cuts on the Uni Lollipop Shoppe LP.

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