The Riflemen

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A photo of the Riflemen back in 1981.

An a cappella quartet from the Netflix political drama television series House of Cards (episode 8). They were the college group of protagonist and senator Francis J. Underwood (Kevin Spacey) in 1981. They have a reunion in 2013 when Underwood returns to the campus of the Sentinel Military Academy in South Carolina (a thinly veiled stand-in for real school The Citadel) to dedicate a new library named after him.

The other members are: Phil Langdon (JC MacKenzie), Tim Corbet (David Andrews), and Ken Casewell (William Hill).

The 1981 Riflemen in 2013 after a night of hard drinking.

There is also a quick glimpse of the 2013 Riflemen, played by Benjamin Edward Simpson, Robert Lance Mooney, Adam Bashian, and Adam Goddu.