The Rhinos

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Has-been band from the mediocre 1987 film The Allnighter, which was basically a vehicle for real musician Susanna Hoffs of The Bangles, as it was written and directed by Hoffs' own MOM, Tamar Simon Hoffs. Hoffs plays Molly Morrison, a co-ed about to graduate. She thinks The Rhinos' lead guitarist Mickey LeRoy (Michael Ontkean) is still cute and dateable, even though their career is long over.

It's implied their career was at its peak in the late 1960s, as they recorded an album in Marrakesh, and LeRoy once surfed with Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys. Morrison plays and dances with LeRoy to their song "Shangri-La," really by Peter Hix.

A lame running gag has everyone getting the band's name wrong as The Hippos.

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