The Pinheads

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The Pinheads was Marty McFly's played by Michael J. Fox band in 1985. They auditioned for the Battle of the Bands on Friday, October 25 in front of three adults and one student in the Hill Valley High School gymnasium. Their audition song was a hard rock version of "The Power of Love", but the head judge told them to stop after playing just a short time, saying they were "too darn loud".

After failing the audition, his girlfriend Jennifer tried to convince Marty to send a tape of his band's music to a record company, but Marty doubted that he could take another rejection.

In the animated series, Marty and the Pinheads throw a free concert in front of the Courthouse, which gets thwarted by sudden inclement weather due to a malfunctioning invention of Doc's. Which wasn't too big a loss, as only a couple people showed up for the concert anyway.

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