The Mesopotamians

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Small-time, struggling band from the They Might Be Giants song "The Mesopotamians" from their 2007 album The Else. They have all taken the names of actual famous historical figures of ancient Mesopotamia, or are, perhaps, the actual historical figures of ancient Mesopotamia.


  • Sargon, guitar
  • Hammurabi, bass
  • Ashurbanipal, drums
  • Gilgamesh, guitar

A music video and t-shirt were created, with art by Chris Timmons, inspired by Ed "Big Daddy" Roth.

The lyrics reference a rumor that Beatles bassist Paul McCartney died in a car wreck in 1966 and was replaced.

A short animated clip of The Mesopotamians called "After the Audition" used audio from the "Find The Monkees" epsiode of The Monkees.

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