The Larry Davis Experience

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From the animated TV show The Simpsons. They initially appear in the first season episode "Some Enchanted Evening" (first aired 13 March 1990). They play Homer's high school prom as The Larry Davis Band in "The Way We Was" episode (first aired 31 Jan. 1991) (doing Elton John's "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road"), and show up in modern-day episodes as a lounge-type act. They've also appeared as The Larry Davis Dance Kings, with a swing band sound, in the episode "Old Money" (first aired 28 March 1991). According to the episode "Future-Drama" (first aired 17 April 2005) they will become The Larry Davis iPod Experience at some point. Somewhere along the way they received a gold record for something. And doesn't Disco Stu kinda look like Larry Davis? Hmmm.

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