The Hydraulics

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Scottish bar band that gets a minor mention in the 2008 novel, The Ossians by Doug Johnstone.

The Liquid Room was typical of Edinburgh's sprawling, labyrinthine Old Town, full of old stone nooks, crannies and cubbyholes. A recent makeover failed to hide the centuries of damp that permeated the dingy, subterranean club.

It was filling up. Connor and Danny stood outside the open loading doors to the side of the stage, smoking an alfresco joint and watching the support band. The Hydraulics were a gang of pale-skinned, teenage glamour pusses with backcombed hair, spangly Danelectro guitars and self-righteous anger as their weapons of choice. It all screamed early Manics to Connor but he liked them, they were supremely confident despite a lack of talent. They ended in the obligatory shriek of feedback, contemptuously eyed up the crowd, and strutted off as if it was Wembley Arena.

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