The Heads of Easter Island

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Rock band fronted by Wiccan singer Rhoda Chief from the 1975 novel Leviathan, the third book in Robert Anton Wilson’s insane Illuminatus! trilogy. They've come to the Bavarian city of Ingolstadt to participate in the Walpurgisnacht rock festival. Rhoda spikes the festival's water supply with LSD.

(The joker was actually Rhoda Chief, the vocalist who sang with the Heads of Easter Island, and who had inspired much admiration in the younger generation — and much horror in the older — when she named her out-of-wedlock baby Jesus Jehovah Lucifer Satan Chief. A former Processene and Scientologist, currently going the Wicca route, the buxom Rhoda was renowned through show biz for "giving head like no chick alive," a reputation which often provoked certain Satanists on the Linda Lovelace for President Committee to send very deadly vibes in her direction, all of which bounced off due to her Wicca shield. She was also possibly the greatest singer of her generation, and firmly believed that most human problems would be solved if the whole world could be turned on to acid. She had been preparing for the Ingolstadt festival for several months, buying only the top- quality tabs from the most reliable dealers, and she had crept into the geodesic Kool-Aid station only a few moments earlier, dumping enough pure lysergic acid diethylamide to blow the minds of the population of a small country.

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