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The Face Maker

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Swigli Beniamino Feature Comics.png

Serial killer who can supposedly can make a face so ugly it can kill people from the Blimpy story of Feature Comics #91 (September 1945). Protagonists Blimpy, a comic animated stone buddha, and Tabby, an ordinary human, stumble onto him as he murders opera singer Beniamino Swigli leaving the opera house.

Tabby figures out that it's not his ugly faces that kill people, but that the Face Maker has figured out how to sing a note higher than the human ear can hear that kills people. He used his power for "...killing off all who laughed at my efforts in my early career as an opera singer! They ruined me!" Blimpy was immune to his power as he is made of stone.

Written and drawn by Al Stahl and Ginger.

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