The Dino 5

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Kids hip-hop band of dinosaurs, part of Baby Loves Hip Hop, part of the Baby Loves Music. From the 2008 album Baby Loves Hip Hop Presents the Dino-5

Real hip-hop producer Prince Paul produced their album. Narrated by Ursula Rucker. Guest appearances by Posdnuos & Dave of 1980s hip hop band De La Soul.


  • MC T-Rex (voiced by Chali 2na of Jurassic 5)
  • Tracey Triceratops (voiced by Ladybug Mecca of Digable Planets)
  • Billy Brontosaurus (voiced by wordsworth)
  • Teo Pterodactyl (voiced by Scratch from the legendary roots crew)
  • DJ Stegosaurus (voiced by Prince Paul)

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