The Demonics

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Nik Worth's main band in the 2011 novel Stone Arabia by Dana Spiotta.

A never-was, he obsessively recorded a fictitious, much more successful version of his musical career in a series of homemade scrapbooks called the Chronicles.

The actual demise of Nik as possible guitar hero came in 1973. Nik had just begun to play out with his new band, the Demonics. Previously there had been some jam sessions with school friends, but the Demonics were his first band to venture past the garage. He had a bass player, Sam Stone, and a drummer, Mike Summer. (Or maybe it was Dave Winton first and Mike later?) They scored a regular gig opening for bands at this shiny club called the Well. They played early in the evening when no one was really there, kind of a fill-in thing. But it was a great opportunity- they were just beginners. They still had these long shags and they were a little pimply and peeled.

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