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The Cajun Man

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Dead, possibly African-American (ghosts are all the same color) trumpet player from the "Horn of Horror" story of Comic Media comic book Horrific #11 (May 1954). Presumably, he's from Louisiana.

Wealthy instrument collector John Farrow has proudly collected his trumpet, and describes him as "...a man who was a thief, a murderer, killer of dozens of people... but the greatest trumpet player who ever lived. They finally hung him for killing his sweetheart."

Farrow lets party guest and trumpeter Rudy Gletz test the trumpet out. Unfortunately, Gletz is immediately possessed/haunted/badgered by the evil spirit of the Cajun Man, and murderers Farrow in order to keep the trumpet. The Cajun Man gives Gletz a supernatural boost in the talent department, but eggs Gletz into murdering to keep the talent flowing.

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