The Bushrangers

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From "The Bushrangers" episode (June 17, 1968) of Australian television series Skippy. Skippy is a kangaroo.

Local five man rock combo that says they're not allowed to practice in town because they're too loud. So they've set up a cave on the Waratah National Park with a gasoline-powered generator to rehearse. Young Sonny sees them and thinks they're the burglars who just burgled their Ranger HQ. Only leader Bill Brady on guitar and lead vocals gets a name.

They play with Ned Kelly masks and chestplates on!

They all get into a muddy free-for-all fistfight with the burglars. I mean ALL, even the girl and the boy. Even Skippy gets in on it.

Then they write a song about Skippy.

The band was played by real band The Executives.

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