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The Bulldaggers

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Bulldaggers Savage Henry.jpg

From the comic book Those Annoying Post Bros. Fictional band from the comic book works of Matt Howarth.

Earliest reference I can find is the October 1980 issue of Heavy Metal.

The band is featured in various comic book series by Howarth, including: Savage Henry (1987-1994), Those Annoying Post Bros. (1985-1998) and Bugtown series (2004-2005) and a 3-issue miniseries, Savage Henry: Powerchords (2004).

Real musicians frequently appeared as themselves in the Savage Henry series.


  • Savage Henry, guitar
  • Monsieur Boche, synthesizers
  • The Unseen Girl
  • Caroline, keyboards
  • Hiroshima, bass
  • Lord C'Thulu
  • Conrad Schnitzler, a real musician who was in the bands Tangerine Dream (1969–1970), Kluster, and Eruption

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