The Beetles (Wonder Pets!)

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The Beetles and The Wonder Pets.jpg

Beatles spoof from the Nick Jr. animated children's TV series Wonder Pets!. Main characters/superheroes Linny, Tuck, and Ming-Ming go to Liverpool to save this quartet of British insects when their Yellowish Submarine gets stuck in Kelp! and is in need of Fixing A Hole. Beatles references abound in the "Save the Beetles/3 Wonders Pets and a Baby" episode (22 April 2008).

Lenie Colacino, a star of Broadway's late-1970s musical "Beatlemania," is the voice of Wingo, Jack and Pete. Greg was voiced by Tom Teeley, another Beatlemania veteran.

The Beetles show up in another episode, "Save the Skunk Rocker" (February 11, 2010).


  • Wingo, the drummer
  • Jack
  • Pete
  • Greg

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