The Beau Brummelstones

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The prehistoric version of real 1960s folk-rock band The Beau Brummels, in the "Shinrock-a-Go-Go" episode (12/03/65) of animated tv series The Flintstones.

Then popular dance show Shindig and host Jimmy O'Neill are caricatured with typical Flintstones naming flair as "Shinrock" and "Jimmy O'Neillstone." Hanna-Barbera sticks it to teen novelty dances as Fred hurts his foot and later sits on a pin, only to have Jimmy O'Neillstone (voiced by Jimmy O'Neill) proclaim his spasms of pain the new dance crazes "the Frantic" and "the Flintstone Flop," respectively.

Meanwhile, The Beau Brummelstones play their hit "Laugh Laugh," while around them, teens contort themselves in imitation of Mr. Flintstones' pain and suffering.