The Babydolls

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Popular and successful rock band reunited for a tour in the 2005 novel Rock My World: a novel of thongs, spandex, and love in G minor by Liza Conrad. Singer Paul James is the father of 17-year-old protagonist Livy who has just gotten a job writing for rock rag Rock On.

The members have a complicated relationship that led to their breakup. James and lead guitarist Greg Essex were in a love triangle with Livy's mother Anna James (née Scott) that led to a confrontation in Paris where Essex tried to shoot James, and then James tried to strangle Essex. Livy


  • Paul James, lead singer
  • Greg Essex, lead guitar, singer
  • Steve Zane, bass
  • Charlie Hopper, drums

Then, the Babydolls took to the stage. Behind them, on giant screens, was a montage of footage from concerts past. They've changed. Paul James looks the most like his twenty-year-old self. Charlie Hopper has traded in his long locks for a goatee and nearly shaved head. Greg Essex and Steve Zane have cut their hair, too, and they look more mature. Their sound, if possible, is tighter. But the most amazing element is watching kids who where too young to have appreciated the band when they first exploded from the music scene, so into it they act as if they're the generation to have discovered them. They are claiming the Babydolls for their own, singing in unison to the chorus of "Ever After" and "Morning Ride."

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