The Atomic Enchilada

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In 1968, The Turtles released the concept album The Turtles Present The Battle of the Bands. Each of the 11 tracks was credited to a different made-up band of a different genre. The inside of the gatefold cover had pictures of The Turtles dressed up as the different bands.


  1. "The Battle of the Bands" (Harry Nilsson, Chip Douglas) – 2:14 (The U.S. Teens featuring Raoul)
  2. "The Last Thing I Remember, the First Thing I Knew" – 2:55 (The Atomic Enchilada)
  3. "Elenore" – 2:31 (Howie, Mark, Johny, Jim & Al)
  4. "Too Much Heartsick Feeling" – 2:43 (Quad City Ramblers)
  5. "Oh, Daddy!" – 2:45 (The L.A. Bust '66)
  6. "Buzzsaw" – 1:59 (The Fabulous Dawgs)
  7. "Surfer Dan" – 2:42 (The Cross Fires)
  8. "I'm Chief Kamanawanalea (We're the Royal Macadamia Nuts)" – 1:34 (Chief Kamanawanalea and his Royal Macadamia Nuts)
  9. "You Showed Me" (James McGuinn, Gene Clark)– 3:16 (Nature's Children)
  10. "Food" – 2:40 (The Bigg Brothers)
  11. "Chicken Little Was Right" – 2:47 (Fats Mallard and the Bluegrass Fireball)
  12. "Earth Anthem" (Bill Martin) – 3:54 (All)

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