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Syr-Darya Web of Mystery.png

Creeptastic singing severed head from the "Syr-Darya’s Death Song" story of horror comic book Web of Mystery #13 (September 1952). Bulgarian count Oleg Darya drops mad exposition on us:

"She was an ancestress of mine! Our family came originally from a country bordering on the Syr-Darya, a river of Asia! She was beautiful and cruel, and five centuries ago she betrayed her people into the hands of Timur, the Mongol of Samarkand! She was reputed to have a beautiful singing voice and she enjoyed singing to the accompaniment of the screams of Timur's victims! Timur was a cruel as Syr-Darya, and when he grew tired of her, he cut off her head! He had it embalmed in some strange oriental process! Then he sent the head back to Syr-Darya's family! Any member of the family since then who has tried to get rid of it suffers a violent death, and before he dies, the voice of Syr-Darya is heard singing... and the head always returns!"

Wealthy young American idiot Adam Johns of course buys it, starting a chain of events that leads to his near-death, Count Oleg's total death, the end of the Darya family line, and the destruction of the Count's castle. Way to go, jackass.

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