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Grahame Sunny Cinderella Love.png

Hatcheck girl-turned-chanteuse in the "My Heart's Desire" story of romance comic book Cinderella Love #7 (May 1952). She's working at Club Fantastique, pining for owner Johnny Larson, when his fiancee and singer for his club, June Fresno walks out. Desperate, when Larson and club musician Harry find out Sunny took voice lessons, they give her a fictional backstory as a French ingénue, and crash courses in French, singing. makeup, etc. After three weeks, she debuts at the club to great success and her delight. But her delight in being near Larson is tainted by the thought that she's only a commodity to him, and that he's still hung up on Fresno.

Then Fresno comes back, threatening to reveal that Sunny is just a former hatcheck girl. Larson gives her the bum's rush, and the story only results in more folks coming to the shows. But Sunny thinks Larson is still in love with Fresno, and wants to quit and get out since she thinks she can never have Larson. But then in the second-to-last panel, Larson reveals he's in love with her after all, and all's well.

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