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Young bard from the Valdemar series of fantasy novels; he appears first in the novel Magic's Promise (1990). He turns out to be the reincarnation of protagonist Vanyel's dead lover; so Vanyel and Stefen also become lovers.

Stefen has a Bardic Gift, which means his talent is magical, and can have magical effects. He has the ability to lessen others' pain by his playing.

He may not be experienced, but he's a damned remarkable boy,” Breda replied, with an edge to her voice. “You ought to pay a bit more attention to what's going on under your nose, Van, the lad's been the talk of the Collegium for the past couple of years. That's why we kept him here for his Journeyman period instead of sending him out. The boy's got all three Bardic requirements, Van, not just two. The Gift, the ability to perform, and the creative Talent to compose. Three of his ballads are in the common repertory already and he's not out of Journeyman status.” Vanyel coughed. “I stand rebuked,” he replied, a hint of humor in his voice. “Well, let's give this Stefen a chance. Do you want to tell him, or shall I?”

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