Sir Loin

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From an episode of the animated TV series Aqua Teen Hunger Force (08/31/2003).

Large African-American rapper whose song "Doin' It 4 Da Shorteez" is a socially conscious plea for food for hungry kids in the "Super Sir Loin" episode.

But really he's a diaper-wearing cow who plans to use the tons of rotting food to attract flies so he can collect the acid they eat with to melt his way into a bank and steal the money so he can pay for the patio furniture he rented.

But REALLY he's the reincarnation of MC Pee Pants from the "MC P Pants" (05/19/2002) episode, a diaper-wearing eight-foot giant spider whose last tangle with the Aqua Teen Hunger Force got him killed and sent to Hell. He then comes back as Little Brittle.