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Sow Silver Marvel Tales.png

Porcine club singer from a three issue plot line in Marvel Comics' Peter Porker stories, set in an Earth populated entirely with cartoon animals, Earth-8311:

  • Marvel Tales #224 (June 1989), "The Pig from Porker's Past!"
  • Marvel Tales #225 (July 1989), "The Sinister Secret of Sylvia Sowmeister"
  • Marvel Tales #226 (June 1989), "Sap for a Sow?"

Peter Porker takes his girlfriend, Mary Jane Waterbuffalo, to club Le Swank, where Silver Sow is singing. Her real name is Sylvia Sowmeister, and she was an old classmate of Porker's, and flirted with him so she could copy his homework. Criminals bust in and rob the place, taking Silver Sow as a hostage. Porker defeats them as Spider-Ham, but later Porker discovers that she's really a villain, and arranged the whole heist.

Written and pencilled by Fred Hembeck.

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