Shoyu Weenie

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Cartoon Japanese pop band (portrayed by members of The Amazing Chan and The Chan Clan) that featured in a particularly surreal episode (14 July 2002) of the Cartoon Network's hilarious Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law.

Japanese pop group Shoyu Weenie hired former superhero, now lawyer, Birdman to sue The Neptunes after The Neptunes stole "Mochi Mochi" (SW's number-one-in-Japan song), retitled it "Lovely Lovely," and rode it to the top of the fake band pop charts. Sadly, the song was stolen again by a German group, Tschus Tschus, and retitled to the much catchier "Gefahrt Gefahrt und Helbelschliegelmussenkukrlfahrtfahrt - Undfahrt."

Tony Masa was the voice of Kenji, and Jeanne Mori the voice of Seiko and Miko. Did you get the name yet?